Légal Hot Sauce - 3 Pack
Légal Hot Sauce - 3 Pack
Légal Hot Sauce - 2 Bottle
Légal Hot Sauce - 1 Bottle
Légal Hot Sauce - 3 Bottle

Légal Hot Sauce - 3 Pack

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Légal Hot sauce is made from a special recipe passed down for generations and is now available for the first time in The United States. Malagueta peppers grow in Brazil and are the key ingredient in Légal Hot sauce .

For years the pepper was used to season food in local recipes but it wasn’t until a village woman created a sauce using the malagueta pepper that “Légal” was born. The name “Légal” means “cool” in Portuguese and conveys the carefree lifestyle of the Brazilian people coupled with their spice and zest for fun. Légal soon became one of the most popular hot sauces in the land.


  • Heat Level
  • Made in Brazil
  • Free Shipping
  • Gluten Free
Imported From Brazil
Made with Malagueta Peppers
Heat Index (1-10): 5